Happy To Be Back In Base Camp


  1. Dan Barnum
    May 7, 2013

    Hey Stevo, Have been reading every dispatch with great anticipation. It has been inspiring to see how well you Daniel, and Todd have done, and what a great thing you are on the verge of accomplishing. It sounds like you have already had an exceptional expedition with the best and hardest yet to come. Hoping that the team stays strong and the weather is in your favour. Can’t wait to hear the first hand account when you return. Best wishes Dano

    • Steve Whittington
      May 9, 2013

      Thanks, we may have told the odd story about you…I will let Daniel know you dropped a line.

  2. gary milne
    May 8, 2013

    May you sense the Spirit, God’s helper at your side. Amen

  3. Grade 3)4 Arcola School Class
    May 11, 2013

    Hi Steve! Gail Milne, Gary’s sister led us to your website! Our Gr. 3)4 class has been reading your blogs and are totally fascinated with your Everest adventure! We will continue to follow you each and every day! They all have questions or comments for you! I will post their comments)questions on this blog! May you be blessed with good weather and a peaceful, safe return! Miss Judy Naylen + The Fabulous 3)4s!

  4. Miss Naylen + Arcola School Gr. 3)4 Class
    May 11, 2013

    Arcola School in Arcola, SK comments)questions from our Gr. 3)4 class Ashlynn-be safe, Kiara-what’s the weather like?,Caden-I hope you make it to the top!, Hailey-do you get scared walking across that ladder?, Dawson-I hope you can bring back something, Jayden-can you breathe up there?, Jaron-is it fun climbing Mount Everest?, Emma-please take a picture when you reach the Summit!, Mason-how far can you see from the Summit?, Zach-make it down safely!, Briana-do you like it up there?, Dante-what does it look like from Camp 2 + 3?, Presley-does it look nice way up there?, Adanna-have a great time!, Diana-be careful coming down, please!, Jayden S.-please take some pictures and email us?, Brooke-pretty cold here today, but I bet it’s a hundred times colder there!, Drake-if you can make it to the top as a team, we can move mountains!, Shelby-is it slippery up there?, Miss Milne-where do you go to the bathroom?, Miss Naylen-is there any way that we can have you come to our school for a presentation when you get home? We live 200 km southeast of Regina! Take care and know that you are truly an inspiration to many kids at our school!

    • Steve Whittington
      May 11, 2013

      Hello all,

      I wish I had more time to answer all your questions….but I access the internet from a spot on the Glacier a 12 minute walk from Base Camp. (So it is cold and not a very good connection) I will answer some question though..I will take pictures of the Summit if I make it. The ladders can be scary at moments when they bounce and you are over a 150 ft crevasse. There I times that I love being up here, but it is hard to breathe and hard on your body and after 50 days…it is starting to be time to come home. At Camp III it was -24 inside the tent.

      As for coming to your school to do a presentation, that may happen. I travel a lot for my job maybe I could swing by. It will take me a month or two to heal and get orientated to the world when I get back….so it would not happen right away..

      Thanks for the questions and comments. I am heading up tomorrow for the final summit push there will be audio dispatches as I move from camp to camp.

  5. Judy Naylen
    May 11, 2013

    Thanks, Steve, for responding so quickly! So excited to share it with my class on Monday! Best of luck today with the big push! We know you can do it!! We are behind you, mentally walking with you and pushing you on!

  6. Michele Merriman
    May 12, 2013

    Hi, Steve
    This is Michele. Todd’s BIG sister. I feel like I know you and
    Daniel both. Been following all three of you. Thanks for all
    the blogs. I feel in my gut that you all will DO IT!!! Be safe.
    Don’t put up with any crap from Todd. I know how he is.
    Love & Strength to all. Love, Michele

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