Workout #1

I remember now.  I remember the pain of training hard, except this time I am two years older and I have cranked the speed and incline level.  In 2010, I was the expedition leader on a private trip to Mount McKinley in Alaska.  We had a strong team and tapped the top.  I trained hard for that mountain with similar goals as I have for Everest.  The training was a less intense version of this sample workout below. Everest is higher, and I am older, so I must try harder. Or at least that is what I tell myself. The mountain doesn’t care if I have not trained hard enough, it is not going to get easier.

So here goes:

Warm up on a vibration trainer, then move to a treadmill.

Min. 1 – Speed 3.5 –Incline 3.0 – WALKING
Min. 2 – Speed 3.6 –Incline 3.5- WALKING
Min. 3 – Speed 3.7 –Incline 4.5- WALKING
Min. 4 – Speed 3.8 –Incline 6.5- WALKING
Min. 5 – Speed 3.9 –Incline 7.5- WALKING
Min. 6 – Speed 5.0–Incline 8.5- JOGGING
Min. 7 – Speed 5.1 –Incline 9.5- JOGGING
Min. 8 – Speed 5.2 –Incline 10.5- JOGGING
Min. 9 – Speed 5.3 –Incline 11.5- JOGGING
Min. 10 , 11 & 12 – Speed between  6.0-7.0, Incline at 12.0
Min. 13, 14 & 15  Cool down, easy walk, no incline – Speed 3.0

After the treadmill, move as fast as you can (but controlled) through the following sequence THREE times:

Movement Reps Weight
Single leg squat 10 reps each leg 20 lb
Alternating chest fly 10 Reps 30 lb dumbbells
Plank push up with row 10 reps 30 lb dumbbells
Forward back ward lunge w/ bicep curl 10 reps each leg 20 lb dumbbells
Bent over triceps row 8 reps each arm 20 lb dumbbell
Lateral shoulder raises 10 reps 20 lb dumbbell
Full body v-sit-ups 10 reps
AB plank poise 1 Hold for one minute
Push up with knee tucks 10 reps

I snivelled through this on my lunch break in 45 minutes, breaking rarely, with my hands on my knees bent over, head down, sucking in precious air. This was just one of my work outs that day, as I also rode the bike for 20 minutes and did an ab routine in the morning.  Depending on the day, I will either climb for two hours or hit heavy weights in the evening (four times a week). I was so happy that this night was not one of them. But this is the type of training you must endure if you’re going to reach a challenging goal like Everest.

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