Into the Icefall


  1. Doug Cooper
    Apr 9, 2013

    Steve: It is fantastic to hear of your experiences. Keep them coming. Being the 1st Western team in the icefall. How does that bode for you in climbing to the summit? Will it allow you to be acclimatized ahead of others and thus allowing you to push for the summit earlier and avoid some of the traffic that will follow. Also what is your rough estimate of summit day. You have a lot of supporters back home here. Keep pushing.

  2. Tarrah Fleck
    Apr 9, 2013

    Wow Steve, thank you for posting your journey on Quest for Everest. Each day I look forward to hearing about your adventure. I wish you and your team great success on succeeding your climb of Mount Everest. Keep up the great posts, and take care out there 🙂

  3. Jennifer
    Apr 9, 2013

    Thanks for the update! We miss you here in the Idea Room! All is well 🙂

  4. Don Flynn and dad...
    Apr 12, 2013

    Good going, and keep it up… We are all behind you through the trip,and wish you all the best !!!

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